GunShowRacing Roster Page

The Founding Fathers of GunShowRacing

#37 Yeah, I put myself at the top, big woop.
#69 I wonder how Mark came up with this number.
#6 Libby drives a miata, but we forgive that.
#11 The GunShow outlaw.
#5 Bill stays home because he can't decide which badd ass Honda to drive. We all feel very bad for his condition and hope he recovers soon.

Those Who Have Seen The Light In No Particular Order
#?? Cindy Duncan. - Founding Member of the GunShowRacing KYR Chapter.
#30 Goggles Pizano - A.K.A. Dallas!
#10 ukmajorette - 2006 CKR SCCA Rookie of the Year. "I'm not datS! I'm GunShow Bitches!"
#5  UncleBen - /// Panu Richa...Riche...Richarvi...Ben Richie!
#13 Mild Pablo
#?? sethck - Still owes me beer. Where's my beer seth?!
#76 Teator - Do I smell a ROY?
#6   MuppetMan - He likes to put his hands up the back side of toys. We drink with him anyway.