GunShowRacing. It's the story of heroes.
GunShowRacing. It's the story of greatness.
GunShowRacing. It's the story of Viking helmets and cod pieces.

GunShowRacing was born on a blistering summer day in the fires of a Sharonville CenDiv. Our five heroes were without sleeves, without prides, and without a win in their class. All looked without hope but victory was snatched HaHa! He said snatch from the jaws of defeat. Dustin "Scooter" Libby raised one finger to the sky, pointed to a nearby datS daisy and said: "Have you seen to the Gun Show?"

From that fateful moment, GunShowRacing has grown from a five man organization to a world renowned racing phenomenon. With over 5000 members and 37 Formula One, 18 Tractor Pull, 3 Monster Truck, and 2 AutoCross victories, GunShowRacing is un paralleled in both prestige and class. It has no equal.